Dr. M. Bugdahn and Dr. K. Gill

We have referred many of our patients to Sandra Edwards, RD over the 20 years she has been established in her practice. Their results indicate much better health along with:

-lower blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, fewer GI symptoms, improved eating habits

-feeling better about themselves and more energized

-more educated on what they should eat and how to make those changes

-healthier and more balanced lifestyle

Having our patients work closely with Sandra to coach them with their healthy living changes is a winning combination. We would highly recommend Sandra’s services to any doctor who has patients ready and willing to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Dr. M. Bugdahn
Dr. K. Gill

10 Unionville Gate, Suite 202
Unionville, ON L3R 0W7

Ashley Visser, Uxbridge, ON

After graduating university and entering into the work force my nutrition and activity level both suffered and I started gaining weight which lead to knee and back injuries.

I was recommended to Sandra by a trusted physo therapist who advised that speaking with a registered dietitian and nutritionist may put me back on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Sandra and I worked out realistic personal goals and even though I have stumbled along the way, she has always been positive and supportive.

Sandra has helped me to recognize the benefits of eating healthy. I am actively working to achieve my goals and with Sandra's positive support, new ideas and realistic outlook I know I will achieve it. 

Sandra Bocking

Six months ago my life had reached an all time low.  I had just lost my mother (my mentor), and was working 24/7 for the past 2 years in order to start up my business.  I was eating poorly, sleeping very little, not exercising at all, and very stressed. My blood pressure was very high.  I knew it was time to get help. Sandra Edwards was not only a very informative and non judgemental dietician but has become one of my life coaches.  She helped me attain my goal of true success....a balanced life.  She has shown me that in order to be successful in life I need to take care of myself, first and foremost. 

Having put everyone else first, this was by far, my biggest challenge! Sandra has taught me how to get back to exercising regularly, eating right, and how to deal with stress on a day to day basis.  I am a happier and healthier person for it, and my work and personal life is better than ever! I am truly grateful to Sandra Edwards for saving my life.   

Sandra Bocking, Centre Director, Oxford Learning Stouffville

Norm Quesnel, Markham, ON

As an endurance athlete, nutrition is by far the biggest component of success and the biggest limiter to meeting your goals.

My work with Sandra has helped me improve my sports diet and by ensuring that I consume the proper nutrition at the right time, it’s helped me build a strong foundation that I needed to achieve my goals.

Sandra’s common sense approach and her ability to communicate clearly have been the biggest help for me.

Thank you Sandra

Norm Quesnel,  Markham, ON

Jessica Brill

After trying many many many different diets and food/exercise plans - not of which were working - I finally made the decision to see Sandra.

She sorted out what was working and what I needed to change, helped me to come up with realistic goals, and then set about reaching them.

I learned a ton, reached my weight loss and health goals and have been happier and healthier ever since!

Thanks Sandra!

Jessica Brill, Markham, ON

Sydney Scott

You gave me a lot of help with my diverticulitis diet and acid reflux suggestions.

The lists of foods high in potassium and fibre were very useful too.

Even though I only saw you for an hour, you sure packed lot of information in that hour.

Thank you.

Sydney Scott,Markham, Ontario

Dana Thompson

Ben has carried out your suggestions very well.

They were extremely helpful and he is now eating more vegetables and fruit – without my nagging him.

He is taking small steps, has tried some smoothies and we’re doing great.

I liked the way you engaged Ben in the conversation and explained to him about cholesterol.

You have a gentle manner about you.

Thanks so much for your support.

Dana Thompson, Scarborough, ON