Meal Planning

Personalized Meal Plans to enhance your Lifestyle – collaborate with me to achieve optimal results!

So many people want and ask me for customized meal plans. They want to learn how to eat better. They want to know what and how much to eat. They want to learn how to cook better. Ultimately they want to achieve better health.

Here are a few ways that meal planning with EatLove can help!

You will eat better.

Plain and simple if you plan meals, you will rely less on pre-packaged foods, and take-out meals and get better nutrition from whole foods prepared at home!

You will save time and energy.

Without pre-planning you actually spend more time on food decisions. How often have you wondered what to eat at 4 or 5pm, 6pm or 7pm and waffled through many choices only to decide on a take-out meal since you’ve left it to the last minute. Or been in the grocery store, wandering around thinking about what you want to eat!

You will shop more efficiently and reduce waste.

Having a complete grocery list of all the items you need to make the meals for the week makes grocery shopping easier– and helps you to reduce the extra time it takes. Batch cook and then schedule leftovers.

You will learn new ways to cook.

Cooking is one part, but learning how to cook in a healthy, tasty way to help you achieve your goals may be an entirely different scenario. Learn how to balance meals, incorporate new foods, and focus on making the changes you’ve discussed with your dietitian.

You will achieve results.

Let’s face it – it is tough to make changes. How do you know a recipe is healthy when you search online? Using a database of over 4000 Dietitian-vetted recipes – makes it easier to implement the changes your dietitian is encouraging you to make.

Help you make life-long changes to your eating habits:

Learning how to effectively plan your meals is a skill that takes some practice. Having a tool to help you do this – and to make it fun as well helps you to develop the skills to continue on with meal planning.

I’ll work with you to create a highly tailored Nutrition Prescription to reach your health and lifestyle goals.

Your meals plans are 100% customizable personalized meal plans using your nutrition prescriptions, taste preferences, cooking skill levels, and nutrition goals.

Get a minimum of 6 weeks of personalized menu plans with any of the nutrition coaching packages or simply choose this as an ‘add-on’ option. Contact Sandra for more details.