Sandra Edwards & Associates, provide the services of a Registered Dietitian …incorporating health coaching principles.

Registered Dietitians are highly trained and regulated professionals.

Dietitian Services include: initial nutrition assessments, nutrition diagnosis and education in office orhealthcoachgraduate home visit, customized meal plan, kitchen makeover, computerized nutritional analysis, grocery store tours, and Craving ChangeTM program (group or individual).

Nutrition Coaching Packages include: initial intake, one-on-one individualized sessions in office, home visit or telephonic, along with unlimited e-coaching.

Craving ChangeTM program: Sandra is a Certified Craving ChangeTM Facilitator. This program can be integrated into any individual coaching package. The Craving Change program is all about changing your relationship with food. Help yourself to understand why you eat the way you do, learn how to comfort yourself without food and change your thinking, to change your behaviour.

Now Offering – Nutrigenomix 45 gene test ! This is a simple genetic test using your saliva that will allow for personalized nutrition and sports recommendations that are based on your DNA! Only available through a Registered Dietitian.

Download Nutrigenomix® Health Brochure

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Nutrigenomix Sports Brochure

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Nutrigenomix Fertility Brochure

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New: A Food Sensitivity package (Mediator Release Test and menu planning counseling) is now available for those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or severe Migraines where conventional treatments have not relieved symptoms for clients. The MRT test has a very high degree of reliability and sensitivity and is considered the GOLD standard for food sensitivity. This includes a Mediator Release Test, and LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance)- the best anti-inflammatory diet based on the MRT test. An initial assessment is needed prior to determine suitability. For more information go here: Click Here

The services of a Registered Dietitian are often covered by insurance. Check your health benefit plan. Plus, since our services are health related they also qualify as a deduction for tax purposes.