We create customized meal plans to help you successfully reach your nutrition goals.

Customized meal plans help you reach your nutrition goals.

Eat better, save time and money, reduce waste, shop more efficiently, try new foods, learn new ways to cook and more!

So many people want and ask for customized meal plans. Clients want to learn how to eat better. They want to know what and how much to eat. They want to learn how to cook more healthfully. Ultimately they want to achieve better health and FEEL BETTER. 

100% Customized meal plans are available. We use EATLOVE PRO. Using the Lifestyle enhancing nutrition algorithm (LENA) we create meal plans for any combination of health and lifestyle goals – including Mediterranean, anti-inflammatory, weight management, high protein, low fat, high fat, low carb, restricted energy, low FODMAP, vegan, vegetarian, eating well on a budget or diets avoiding specific foods.

Menu Planning

This menu planning option provides a variety of delicious healthy options, including recipes, recipe swaps, ability to ‘batch’ cook or change the number of servings or alter the recipes.

A grocery list is created.

Individuals can also use the EATLOVE app to track their meals and keep their menus and grocery list close at hand on their cell phone.

This highly customized meal plan engages clients, motivates them to cook at home, increasing their satisfaction to make healthier meals so they can achieve success in reaching their goals.

Customized meal plans can be stand alone or used in conjunction with nutrition coaching with the Registered Dietitian.

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