March is Nutrition Month

For forty years, Dietitians of Canada has promoted Nutrition Month as a way to have meaningful conversations about food and nutrition issues that matter to Canadians, as well as to showcase the skills and expertise of all dietitians. So as a Registered Dietitian in Ontario each March, we aim to bring new enthusiasm, resources, tips and support to all Canadians.

Last year’s Nutrition month theme for 2021 was “Good For You”, showcasing how dietitians support their clients and communities to make food choices that are good for them today - considering their individual needs, goals, culture, medical history - to give them personalized and relevant nutrition support.

This year’s theme focuses on how dietitians are using their skills and expertise to create change for tomorrow.

Food security, food literacy, food sovereignty, sustainable food choices, nutrition care and prevention…these are all ingredients in a sustainable food system in which dietitians across Canada play an active role.

So this Nutrition Month, we are showcasing how the actions we take today lead to a healthier tomorrow for individuals, communities, and the planet!

How does that resonate with me as a dietitian and my clients? My mantra has always been ‘helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle’. So let’s see how that can help you live better tomorrow.

The first thing that comes to mind is how well my clients can plan their meals for tomorrow. In other words how well do they choose healthy items at the grocery store, how well can they use what they have purchased, do they enjoy their meals, do they cook once, eat twice, can they save money by making good healthy choices, do they use up food to reduce food waste or end up eating more than they need. 

1. Meal planning is the most logical thing you can do to eat well now and plan for tomorrow. Do you find that when you don’t plan out what you will eat, you make poorer choices or end up ordering take-out last minute because you can’t be bothered? Or if you don’t have healthy food choices in the home, how difficult it is, to eat well. Helping clients learn how to plan is just one of the many things Dietitians do.

Look at how a customized meal plan could assist you with planning for tomorrow:

Great choices, better grocery purchases, spend less, waste less, and spend less time thinking about food! Even simple meal plans, and a grocery list can help!

  • Instead of purchasing the same items each week at the same grocery store, try and include at least one new food item each time you shop and then put it into your plan.
  • Start with small changes – i.e. Plan for a couple of meals or days, then progress to a weekly plan
  • Get family members involved in choosing what you will eat, and prepping too!
  • Batch cook today – eat well for several days!
  • Cook a healthy grain like quinoa or barley today and use “planned leftovers” in a salad or power bowl for tomorrow.
  • Having trouble with new ideas? A meal plan can help.
  • Budgeting? There are loads of tips to help you eat well while on a budget – and one of these is to eat more plant-foods and less processed foods
  • Finding you have good intentions at the beginning of the week, but then things get busy – so easier meals, or throw in the oven type meals are needed for the end of the week to still stay on target

Here is a new tool to help you with new ideas – Download this new recipe e-book and add one new plant-based recipe onto your menu plan.

Need help with the overall meal planning process –contact me and ask about the customized meal plan offer. See button at the bottom. 

2. Know how your DNA affects your response to food choices – and how your food choices might be affected by your DNA. This information from Nutrigenomix can help you make positive changes now for a healthier future

  • Getting a personalized nutrition and fitness report is super motivating to help you know what to focus your efforts on.
  • Evidence-based, and science-based – learn with a Registered Dietitian what is important for you now to make a better tomorrow.
  • Do you need to pay more attention to specific nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin D or calcium? Do you need to cut down on caffeine to reduce your risk of heart disease? Are you better off with a high protein intake to lose weight? The answers are in your DNA.
  • This is a fascinating field of study. Have you ever wondered why so many studies seemingly support contradictory outcomes. Sure enough – we are not all wired the same – so recognize that there is no One size fits all for eating optimally!
  • Check this out for more info or book a free consult to discuss. 


3. Eat more plants.  Simple as that really.  

There are many ways to eat healthfully – and we know that eating more plant foods and less animal products is a healthy way to go – not only for ourselves but the future of our planet too.

You don’t need to be vegan or all plant-based to get the health benefits. In fact this is something everyone can start right now – start small – one meal at a time. Focus on making this journey of yours enjoyable by making changes on your own terms. The thing is – making a commitment today for better health will help your health tomorrow.

Check out this FREE e-cookbook and take a step to try one new recipe this month.


4. Eat mindfully to support hunger and optimal health for tomorrow – Do you find you are reaching for more processed foods when you are stressed, bored or want a crunch? Or you just can’t figure out why you do the same things over and over again and seem to have difficulty changing?

Perhaps you need some support from a Registered Dietitian to improve your relationship with food. As a certified Craving Change facilitator I can help! Did you know there are 3 types of hunger? – stomach hunger, mouth hunger and heart hunger. You might simply need some help identifying your triggers, changing your self-talk and learn some strategies for change to help you optimize your healthier tomorrow.

Have some fun this March exploring these recipes. Test one out on your family!

Check out if you have services of a Registered Dietitian included on your health benefit plan and if you do, make a commitment to get yourself started in making your “tomorrow” better.

Commit to improving your health for your future self.  Commit to following a healthier lifestyle.

Sandra Edwards

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