I had an eye-opening experience last month.

I was investigating the possibility of getting an InBody body fat analyzer.

I had actually had an assessment with an Inbody analyzer way back in 2014 at a National Dietitian’s conference – that’s how long it’s been on my radar. I did not purchase one back then. More recently I began looking into it - thinking this may be motivational for my clients. In my most recent pursuit, instead of purchasing one for my office, I thought I would ask who around me has one and go and get tested myself.

I discovered – a personal trainer close by who had recently purchased the InBody 570 body fat analyzer for her studio – the very one I was most interested in. It had most of the features I was most interested in. I knew that if I got this comprehensive body fat assessment done, my husband would also want his done, so I invited him to join me.

So we both had our body fat assessment done - and here are some of my highlights!

Some keys that I discovered about my own assessment

  • My weight was the same. 
  • My BMI was exactly the same.
  • My body fat analysis formation had changed from a desirable "I" formation to now a "C" formation. This refers to the amount of skeletal muscle mass to body fat ratio. The "I" means that the amount of skeletal muscle and your body fat are both in the healthy desirable range. A "C" formation is common for those with obesity who have a large body fat compared to muscle mass. But I wasn't obese or at an unhealthy "weight". 
  • My skeletal muscle mass was down 3.3 lb 
  • I had lost muscle in each of my right and left arms, trunk, and both legs. 
  • My body fat was up 4.2% My body fat was mostly in my trunk.
  • My visceral fat was in the healthy range. (This is the type of fat that is inside and not visible but harmful if we get too much of it)
  • Based on results, my recommendations were to increase lean mass by 13.9 lb - wow! and yes lose some fat too

I think that last number hit me… I needed to make a concentrated effort to build muscle. And while I’ve known this for the last 25 years or more – (after all I am in the health business), I was never very diligent in doing weights regularly. It was hit and miss for me. I would start for a week or month, and then stop – it was more fun to run, walk, play tennis, play golf, do yoga, cut the grass – (oh maybe not fun to cut the grass!) – but you get what I mean.

I was very active -but I wasn't doing "resistance" exercise on a regular basis. Let’s face it – that’s why many people hire a personal trainer (or health coach)– to help them do something they wouldn’t do as well on their own.

Even though I knew what I should be doing, I wasn’t doing it. So.. I ask – why wasn’t I?

My guess is -  it wasn't important ENOUGH or I would have been doing it.  That is very key - because so often individuals come to me for help in making changes - but until something is important ENOUGH, they often sit on the fence. Is it life threatening- no! Should I be doing this - yes. Can I do it - yes. But am I doing something enough to make a difference and get where I want to go. Maybe- maybe not. 

Having concrete numbers helped me to see how the body can change drastically even though the scale is the same! 

This can work both ways - you could be making all kinds of dietary changes (and /or exercise changes) - but not see changes on the scale. You feel better, you are healthier, but you feel you aren't making progress. This is where you might benefit from seeing more comprehensive results on an assessment like this. 

Too many people are still fixated on that scale.

I knew my body was different, but now I had something more comprehensive to show change.

That is motivating to me, so I’m going to get re-assessed when I’m ready in a few months time. See how I'm making progress.

Regardless of whether your goal is body fat loss, and/or muscle gain or a combination - it sure is helpful to know where you are at – and then to assess along the way to see if your plan is working.

Are you making the right exercise and food choices to match your goals?  Are you moving in the right direction?

This was a great experience and a positive motivator for me - and I want to share with my clients.

I have set up a partnership to offer this service to you too.  

Download the linked file to learn more about the InBody 570 assessment. 

If you have questions or would like get your Inbody 570 body fat assessment done – please contact me.

Sandra Edwards

Sandra Edwards


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