Most of my clients have experienced some weight gain since March of this year. Their circumstances changed. They were working at home. There were more restrictions in place. They weren’t eating out as much so it should have been easier to eat healthy, however food was much more available. With everything that is going on around us,  it may seem impossible to try to think of making healthy meals too. It doesn’t have to be hard though. 

Here are some quick and easy ideas to help you include a few more healthy veggies and fruit into your diet.

Make one change at a time. This makes it easier – so start with one meal and work on that for a week. Then once that is more of a habit move on to another meal. Soon you will find that it is second nature including more veggies and fruit in your day and your body will thank you!

Breakfast ideas: keep these very simple – after all who has time in the morning to put a lot of thought into this?

If your goal is to include a fruit with breakfast:

  • Add a different frozen fruit (try frozen grapes or cantaloupe) in a smoothie
  • Include ½ banana or ½ apple on your peanut butter or almond butter toast
  • Add some berries to your morning oats
  • Peel a clementine and eat it fresh
  • Add berries to a bowl of yogurt with a bit of granola

If your goal is to add a vegetable to breakfast or lunch:

  • Add a sliced green onion, chopped mushroom and chopped zucchini to your omelette
  • Add a ½ avocado to your toast with a fried egg
  • Cut up some mushrooms, pepper and add it to a frozen cheese pizza
  • Make a homemade squash soup and have it with a tuna sandwich
  • Add some green onions, cucumber, and grape tomatoes, feta cheese or black beans to some leftover cooked quinoa or brown rice. Add some extra virgin olive oil, seasoning and you have a great quinoa salad!

If your goal is to add a fruit or vegetable to a snack:

  • Combine a cut-up apple with some cheddar cheese
  • Combine hummus with salsa and light sour cream and add cut-up veggies on the side
  • Add blackberries to your yogurt
  • Add some spinach leaves to your next fruit smoothie
  • Cut up some cucumber and enjoy a dip on the side

There you have it - just changing one meal at a time can be a whole lot easier - and at the end of the month you will have some much better habits!

Need help making changes that suit your lifestyle? Check if you have a health benefit plan that covers a Registered Dietitian and consider working with me to help you achieve your healthier lifestyle. 

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